The 25 year old guy from Meerut, left his job at Zomato to build his dream – Mr. Shubham Tyagi

The 25 year old guy from Meerut, left his job at Zomato to build his dream – Mr. Shubham Tyagi

Pursuing your passion is a dream that most of us only hope to be able to achieve in our lives. For most management professionals, getting a job in a good company is a dream come true. Not only does it help you earn value in the Indian society, but it also assures you of a good salary and stability. However, Shubham left his job at Zomato to build his dream and is now the proud owner of Fooracles.

Shubham hails from Meerut city in Uttar Pradesh. He got his degree in MBA from IMS Ghaziabad and loves marketing, internet and technology.  While doing his MBA, he always came up with the best business ideas. With an amazing intellect, he had the zeal of doing something creative. Shubham has won the young entrepreneur award by National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development and has also been recognized for “Top 20 business plans” in India by IIM Calcutta.  

After his MBA he shifted to Noida and started working with Zomato. In the midst of working with his Food and Beverage (F&B) clients at Zomato, he realised a lot of similar businesses were facing a simple problem, that of poor branding and marketing. The passion of starting his own business was something that he always had. So, he started working on the idea. And then came in the big break. Always fascinated by marketing and internet, Shubham decided to turn things for him. In today’s world it comes as no surprise that digital marketing is doing the mainstream marketing work for most of the brands. He realised that he had to create something different from all the other digital marketing ventures. He soon took up the branding & marketing work for a friend’s restaurant and started exploring the potential of the idea. What started off as just a little bit of work for a friend’s restaurant soon turned into something a lot more interesting. With this in mind, Fooracles was established.

Fooracles is his second venture. He started his first one at the age of 19. It was an Ecommerce venture and the failure helped him learn the biggest lessons of entrepreneurship. According to Shubham, the most important lessons of life are learnt only when you fail. So, never be disheartened by a failure, instead, try and learn from it.

We had an interesting chit-chat session with Shubham where we came to know a lot more about him and his struggle in making things work out. Coming up through all those hardships and making your dream work is commendable! We threw some questions at him to find out what he has to say.

What is Fooracles all about?

We have brands everywhere today and good brands make successful businesses. It is important for a brand to know, Who you are? What are your values? Why should people choose you over your competitors?

Unlike any other marketing agency, Fooracles is a brand-marketing firm with an approach more like that of a fully-integrated marketing department. We are not only developing marketing messages to be communicated among all selected media and managing them, but we are also making sure that the promises made can be delivered. So, this means we work with our clients to ensure every detail of “the experience” we communicate to their client or customer is met. We try to ensure delivery on any promises made via the creative process.

Now, it also means that we are becoming an integral part of the ongoing process, by doing this we also involve ourselves in the successes and failures, in building a brand but something that we are sure is that this will be a brand that stands out and last no matter the shifts in the market or any other issues the client may face and that is what makes us different from our competitors.

From this standpoint, you might view our approach as more of a business consultant with a solution based, brand-marketing emphasis. We provide branding from the inside-out, so whenever it comes to creating a brand logo or other brand elements, you can count on us.

What are the services you offer?
We have a variety of services to offer at Fooracles. We like suggesting specific services to our clients according to their needs. Some of these services are

Brand Audit
Brand and Marketing Strategies

Brand Identities

Digital & Social Media Marketing


Did friends & family help you in the initial stages of your venture?
The idea of a startup seemed a little too difficult to my parents. The last thing they wanted me to do, was, to leave my job and so, I did not tell them about the venture in the initial stages. It was when we started making a decent amount of money that I finally got the courage to disclose it to them. Then there were people who tried to ridicule my dreams maybe because it was too difficult for them to get along with it. These are people you should stay away from. They try to demotivate and distract you from your goal. So, I was not fortunate enough to have much support but yes there were some close friends who helped me with a lot of things.

How did you fund this dream?
My father used to say that business cannot be done without investing a handsome amount of money and it does not end here. You need to put in regular investments in your business from time to time. Coming from a middle class family, my parents were not able to support my business with the finances. Little did they know, I was all set to startup this venture. Fundraising on the other hand was very difficult as I did not belong to the IITs or IIMs. So, I built up a model where I invested Rs 8,000 as a one time investment and made it a profitable venture from the 1st week itself.

What have you learnt from your entrepreneurial journey?

Oh! There are so many things this journey teaches you but if I had to pass the most important thing that I learnt, then there is surely one. If you’re sure about starting a venture and wish to make it a success then get down to it with everything you have and give it your 100%. You will face a lot of difficulties, there would be numerous challenges coming your way. There would be multiple times when you would feel like calling it off but if you refuse to give up every single time, success would surely be yours in the end.

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