“Plotters Ink” a creative agency

“Plotters Ink” a creative agency

“Plotters Ink” a creative agency based out of Mumbai  founded by two youngsters Mr. Nikhil Lad and Ms. Saachi Agarwal in year 2016 with a vision to bring good communication and ideas to bridge the gap between expensive and great quality. Plotters Ink is a company dedicated to speaking in the language of the heart. It’s a team of restless personalities wanting to connect brands to their audiences through communication which moves beyond the 30 second television commercials and conventional media attempts.

Founding team and their background:

Nikhil Lad, Co Founder

H e h a s a m a s t e r d e g r e e f r o m a r e p u t e d management institute in  Mumbai  but  has  always  run miles away from the corporate world. He  has  his  own ideas of business, brands and  people. His passion for stories and brands has made him express branding in a new light, giving him a chance to endlessly  stare  into  blank  spaces  under  the  pretext   of ideating. He is a hospitality graduate from  IHM  Mumbai with an avid  experience  of  working  with hotel and restaurants. He claims  that  interacting  with guest in restaurants has made him know people better. He has worked with advertising, media, design agencies and even written for television before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship.

Saachi Agarwal, Co Founder

She is a graduate from Sir J.J. Institute of  Apllied Art.  Her majors in communication and space design  helps  her  corner  a  client  perfectly  and  engage  him  in unending conversations.  Her  conversations  about  any topic usually end with a colour references being explained with dramatized hand gestures. Her command over design and crazy ideas is well acclaimed. Being a  design  enthusiast,  you  are  likely  to spot her at various design conferences and seminars. Flooded with job offers from numerous national and international agencies, Saachi chose  to  lead the roller coaster life of an entrepreneur.

The Co-Founder Team had a small discussion with Founders to know some more interesting facts. The Discussion as follows:

  • Journey so far

It’s been a very adventurous 4 and half years for us. We started out at a coffee shop, like most start-ups do. From a handful of lesser known clients to working with the top names today, from a team of just the 2 founders to the most energetic and talented team, we feel we have come a long way and are raring to go reach bigger success.

What is the problem you are solving for your users?

Plotters Ink is a brand story telling company. Beyond providing good communication value, we believe in providing consistent and tangible solutions by working with clients on a long term and working on their brand PLOT.

We work on the concept of Plot – Please refer


  • Personality
  • Longevity
  • Optimization of conversations
  • Tangibility

which gives the brand consistency in communication with maximized brand conversations.

Product Features

Through our experience with advertising agencies and clients interaction, there was a realization that advertising as a service was expensive and not within the reach of mid level and smaller companies. Product or brands, which may have great market potential, were at a disadvantage because they weren’t being represented or communicated well. This is where Plotters Ink came alive.

What is the biggest challenge you faced as an entrepreneur while establishing your startup?

During our initial few months, we bumped into advertising stalwart and we had an opportunity to introduce Plotters Ink. We framed our obstacle beautifully, ‘Clients might not take you seriously until you start greying?’ Over the last 4 years, every grey adds to our confidence. On a serious note, until you have good work to show, clients don’t worry about the greys.

How did you overcome it?

We were fortunate to have clients who were willing to experiment with a young agency like ours. They trusted us with ideas and believed in our capability, this helped us create some good work which helped in getting more clients on board.

Who is your mentor/role model? What’s the best lesson you learnt from them?

Apart from the industry stalwarts, we have learnt the most from our experience and clients. We have been very fortunate to have clients who have been like mentors to us.

What’s your revenue model?

Our revenue model is determined by the mix of our clientele. Clients which require continuous support with quicker turnovers bring us on board as long term creative partners on an annual engagement, while other clients prefer working on a per project model.

Have you raised funding before?


Are you looking for raising more funds? If yes, how much and what will the funds be utilized for?


Who are your competitors? How are you planning to outpace your competitors?

Any company or agency, which creates great ideas and designs, is our inspiration and competition. We believe by doing what we do best, delivering quality communication design and benchmark ideas to suit the fast paced requirements of the client we can outpace others.

What is the biggest learning so far in your entrepreneurial journey?

We have learnt the true meaning of perseverance and hard- work. Nothing comes easy, but that’s also the best part. The joy of achieving something after the struggle is something words cannot define.

What are your future plans with your startup?

Plotters Ink has been recognized as a competent agency for communication and ideas by many national clients. Our future would definitely be to explore clients headquartered in metros beyond Mumbai and set up regional offices to target and service such clients.

What’s your tip for budding entrepreneur?

Work hard, be confident, voice your opinions and never stop learning.