Journey into the world of fashion by Co founder Aksha Parwani (Krome Studios)

Journey into the world of fashion by Co founder Aksha Parwani (Krome Studios)

Aksha Parwani a triple post graduate with a specialization in Securities law, now a branding consultant for start ups and creative consultant in the field of fashion. Aksha has many accomplishments to her name, brands like Krome Studios, Ashwin Fernandes Photography, Playing Learning Talking and many more.

Creating a brand out of nothing is a misconception, it’s because your concept, maybe a product or service exists you can start to make something of it. Finding a niche and positioning the same is the key to selling of any brand. Its not the painting or art its how you position and sell the same.

Krome Studios at the inception was just an idea, now its one the best studios in Mumbai. I co founded Krome with my partner Ashwin Fernandes. Right from the inception I knew that Krome had to be different. I decided that since it is  located in the heart of Bandra,Pali Hill literally the headquarters of Bollywoods residences, we need to make it a luxurious one. Hence started the journey. Today krome has only the cream crowd of the industry visiting the studios. I am looking at creating chain of studios all over the world with the brand Krome.

Typically Ashwin Fernandes Photography was the most challenging, as everyone today is a photographer, here again as the style of the photographer is very international I could get him published in international magazines worldwide. Today Ashwin Fernandes photography is known in International magazines right Germany, USA, Asia etc.

Being a Producer is something which most people just don’t get. Producing a shoot is one of the most crucial aspect and a game changer, either you gain or lose a client. Clients now a days come with expectations of going to the moon with the budgets of a balloon. A good producer makes a shoot as they are the key factor of a shoot. Always do something in a different way, everyone does things differently, but you need to do it in another way. The feeling of being recognized on world platforms and getting featured worldwide is overwhelming,which motivates and inspire you.

Creative direction on the other hand is the entire concept the shoot is based on. Creative direction has to be on point to send a message across as each shoot has a story and that story has to be told well for the message to reach the audience.