“Interview on network marketing with Prince Saini”

“Interview on network marketing with Prince Saini”

Prince Saini

1. Tell us about yourself?

I am Prince Saini, Motivational Teacher/Trainer & Network Marketer in the industry since last 15 years. I love talking to people and help them as per their need. Working with people and motivate them to achieve their Goals is my real passion. I feel good to see people growing whom I mentored.

Previously, an IT consultant settled in Europe but was worried to fulfill my dreams and future. My hunger to achieve something BIG in life switched me to Network Marketing. I saw people growing while earning in Network Marketing.

I love traveling around the world, so far visited much of America, Canada, Peru, Brazil, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many more…

2. When did you start your journey in Network Marketing, how you motivate yourself? share some incidents.

Well, I left my Job in Europe and started Network Marketing as a profession in 2003. The biggest challenge in front of me was to prove that my decision is right to Myself, Family, Relatives and Friends. Initially, my decision drove me then I set Goals and strive to achieve them.

I found my Love in NM, I prospect her first, show the business and journey begins…

As you ask to share some Incidents, let me share some… as my life is in and around only & only meeting with people and building my Network. Even on my wedding day I was taking meetings, moving counter, Prerna (Bride) called me and reminded me that people are waiting, and we have a Wedding today… I completed final signup and went to washroom used products, dressed up and reached the venue for Wedding.

Another incident, today it looks funny but it’s real. After the wedding we had to go for Honeymoon, I decided to go Srinagar (J&K) because one of my team members wanted me to bring products for him from Delhi. I loaded my car and drove to Srinagar … this was not my Honeymoon destination… actually, people were eagerly waiting to me and for products.

3. What you will suggest to people who have just started with Network Marketing?

I would simply say to all my fellow networkers that if they want to grow faster in this industry first, they need to WORK ON THEMSELVES. They should be flexible, coachable and surrender themselves to your Mentor/Coach. Learning will start your earnings in this profession. Participation in training is the Key in Network Marketing. Surrounded yourself with like-minded people.

Set some short-long terms Goals for yourself, check your progress on a weekly, monthly basis analyze yourself on a daily basis if you want to achieve your Dreams within a specific time. 

4. Many people face difficulties in Lead Generation in Network Marketing. How do you generate leads?

TALKING TO PEOPLE is the key for lead generation. Do the simple set of activities on daily basis, manage your daily time accordingly. Set particular hours for each activity, inform the world that what you are doing with mentor’s guidance.

I suggest first focus on meeting people, go to the field do activities (check with the coach first) and results will follow.

Most networkers lack in Follow-ups in Network Marketing follow-up are the FORTUNE.

5. How do you manage to keep yourself & your Team Motivated?

My Team is my strength, to be honest, they are my driving force in Network Marketing. Weekly meetings are very effective for interactions. I communicate with my leaders on daily basis and guide them on their field challenges. 

6. How People react when they know you are into Network Marketing?

Now, Network Marketing is a full-time profession. I have Doctors, CA’s, Engineers, Teachers, and many other professionals are in my team. Networker knows how to handle any situation and he makes things in his favors and I feel proud to be a Networker.

Unfortunately, some people have a negative mindset about network marketing, but I educate them about how to choose the right network marketing company and people starts their journey with me.

7. Can Network Marketing really change someone`s life?

Undoubtedly, yes indeed. Our company has already made over 20 millionaires in various countries and changed their lives. 

8. What do you do when you aren’t doing business?

I feel restless but doing business in my mind thinking about team growth. 

9. Any Secret Tip or Message you like to share to help fellow Network Marketers?

I would suggest my community here that Believe in yourself, Company, Products and focus on ACTION, ACTION and ONLY ACTION. 

Just follow the PLAN, DO and REVIEW.

To know more about Mr. Prince Saini, please visit https://princesaini.net/